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Registered: Nov 2003
Location: P!nkspage/Norway. :)
Posts: 12821

Red face I got U now U know it.

U want me 2 sk8 in2 tha 3ll3n sh0?
2 l3t evry1 kn0?
Guess what, you found me . So let's get this PAARTY started, and kick some *** together, YOU AND I !

No seriously though, let's show the ENTIRE WORLD what TRUE LOVE is all about. AND more importantly:

Just HOW DANGEROUS our MESSED UP perception of beauty can be. I think SOMEONE needs 2 SPEAK UP ASAP, and I BELIEVE I can HELP YOU do just that.

Somehow....I've always known I was your LONG LOST little sister or something, and I KNOW I'm ready now. I just needed some time on my own to figure things out here on PP before writing this. My language skills were severely damaged because I've been very ill for a long time (I'm getting there as U can probably see). My Native language is Norwegian, but I learned ENGLISH with your music as well.

Problem is, I surrounded myself with the wrong people having a Bad Influence on me, JUST like you was (I can only speak for myself now, but hanging around certain websites is NOT exactly smart.) AND NO I am NOT saying you were a bad influence on me, you know very well I would NEVER think such a thing about you. I am very sorry for all the bad stuff you've gone through, but I believe U needed ME to figure out WHO U are. JUST as much as I needed U to figure out ME. ADHD...............?

It's okay, you don't have to tell me, it doesn't matter - adhd or not. All that matters is that you have ALWAYS been beautiful to me, so I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for saving my life. Yes, because I truly believe you did, because you know what? ------ >

I'm a living PROOF of that - STILL!!!

You make me feel very special, and you always have. PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE Sweetheart, take in them words I'm saying to you:

I COMPLIMENT U. In fact, I wish I could HUG U right now too. Because I know, you are JUST LIKE me: reading between the lines. I believe you've shed tears over me and my misery as well, just as I have done for you. And it hurts me too ya know. It hurts that I'm sitting here, across the pond, when I really could use a hug from you right now. I'm very truly sorry for leaving this place, I never meant to. But at the same time, maybe it was what we both needed..?

I want to thank you so much for never giving up on me, I ALWAYS knew you believed in ME. In fact: I could NEVER have done this on my own.
I would NEVER seek treatment for my eating disorder, if you haven't made your videos (DLMGM, Stupid Girls, ***ing Perfect) OR for that matter, if it wasn't for YOU being YOURSELF in the lyrics AND in the videos. I actually believe I would be in a very bad condition now, if it hadn't been for your HONESTY, UR music, your attitude and kind heartedness. I KNOW very well how much you care for your fans, I know U care more than any other artist does.

I remember as if it was only yesterday that I dropped my poster in front of you, and MAN have I longed for a hug like the one I got back then, ever since. ESPECIALLY now that I've figured out some MAJOR things, as I'm about to say next: You make me complete in a strange way, it's really beautiful, isn't it?

You dedicated TTAL to me, didn't you? I always had a feeling you did, because I KNOW you. I KNOW the eras. And YES, I noticed the HUGE change from the Funhouse era to the ---- Greatest Hits and your latest album TTAL. I KNOW you thought about ME all along. I just didn't see it, I guess I was scared to believe it myself, because I KNOW I was scared of losing you to your success. I was heartbroken because of the VIP's, because I couldn't afford going to all the shows as I wish I could because of my mindless waste of money on FOOD binges, but on the other hand - you've always motivated/inspired me to do positive changes in my life - just like you did this time. I feel so blessed for being me right now, you have no idea. I came back as the lil stonerbabe you thought I was, so yup you got me!

We'll both GET THERE, we just need eachother to do it.
Because WE are ONE. And I kno U kno tht 2.

This is ME talking from MY HEART right there, there's nothing more that I want in life right now, than to SHOW them (Class of '04 !) who'll laugh the loudest. And I believe I found the person to help me out - and that is you, Alecia. I never realised until recently that I was the clown in MY class. And that made me very sick as you probably have seen..
I take back EVERY mean word I ever said to you, I hope you know I never meant to say the mean things I said. I KNOW my own body dysmorphia has led me into cin pregnant people everywhere, because my body image used to be totally ***ked up. My ballett teacher told me I looked pregnant when I was just 7 (!!) years old, as you probably already know. To me however, you are beautiful no matter what. I might have thought you looked pregnant, but that was because of ME and MY own messed up perception of beauty. I know you know I never meant to say those things I said, but I just needed to speak my peace, ya know.

I've SEEN what you've been through,
I needed U, to figure out who I am, and I couldn't be more grateful and PROUD for saying this:
I truly believe we can do great things together. I just need to hear you say the same to me. Right now.
Because I feel as if you are more like a very good friend to me, or should I say big sister..(?) than P!NK the artist. However, to me, you've always been ALECIA.
I've always felt special in a strange way, and I guess what I missed the most in life, was a big sister who understood me. I needed a shoulder to cry on... Maybe I'm delirious now, but I think I found her. I'm ambidextrous JUST like U.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm running back into your arms - because I know they'll hold me down. I needed YOU, for ME, to realise I've been BULLIED all my life, and damn right it hurts to know that. But you've been my saving angel in the night all along. Cuz My life has always been Pink, and I know you know that too.
Thank you so much for letting the WHOLE world know I'm perfect, because you are perfect to me too, in EVERY single way!
I don't know what else there is to say... other than that I am really looking forward to that hug, and I know you R too.

And yet again, I find myself getting too emotional, so I'll stop here.


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Registered: Nov 2003
Location: P!nkspage/Norway. :)
Posts: 12821

Idk what I wrote that day, spacing out. Like I always do. Sorry. Delusional. I'll make a new thread. (:

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Old Post 05-26-2014 10:41 PM
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